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Prepare For A Home Inspection

As a seller you need to know what to expect during the home inspection process. You should also fix anything that may have a negative impact on the inspection findings. The cleaner the home inspection the more likely you will have a smooth transaction.

Here are a few items to have inspected and repair as needed:

  • Make sure roof is sound, free of leaks and has no missing shingles
  • Checking fasica, exterior trim and exterior door jams for any wood rot
  • Make sure irrigation system is functioning and repair any broken irrigation heads
  • Have AC serviced and evaluated
  • Make sure all windows open and function as intended
  • Check for plumbing and fixture leaks at sinks, showers and tubs
  • Make sure toilets are secure to the floor and working without issues
  • Make sure all electrical outlets work and there are no double tapped breakers in the electrical panel
  • Check to make sure pool equipment is free of leaks and working properly
  • Replaced burned about lightbulbs so inspector can confirm the outlet works
  • Anything you know doesn't work and/or needs repair must be diclosed to all prospective buyers. Better to fix them first!

Here are a few infographics to help you along the way.

home inspection checklist

prepare for an inspection

10 common home inspection issues

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